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5 Savannah Restaurants That Are Worth Traveling For

Savannah is a food-lover’s paradise, boasting bold tastes that can satisfy a wide variety of palates. Though the Lowcountry is known for Southern comfort food favorites and local coastal cuisine, Savannah’s eclectic dining scene offers a unique range of culinary encounters.

Whether you’re after worldly flavors, farm-to-table fares, elegant pairings or kitschy dives, area restaurants are serving up plates that you want to eat. Savannah is a must for foodie tourism, and its premier restaurants definitely deliver. Combining flavorful dishes, opulent design and hospitable service, these Savannah restaurants are definitely worth the trip.

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The Grey 

Big names in national media and the culinary world have been following The Grey since its 2015 debut – and with good reason. This old Greyhound bus station now contends with the very best restaurants across the country, gaining fast recognition for its standout design and five-star dishes. The thoughtfully planned and artfully executed menu offerings are the reason you come, and the restored Art Deco interior, impeccable service and friendly company are why you stay.

Family style Southern food with complete strangers! This meal is literally a marathon and luckily I've been training ma stomach. Make sure you save room for dessert consisting of banana pudding and Georgia 🍊 cobbler. If you're in Savannah, this is a MUST! Now I'm off to Atlanta!

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Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room 

Founded in 1943 by a kind woman with a modest goal, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room epitomizes Southern hospitality and home-style Southern cooking at its finest. Patrons travel near and far to share a lovingly-prepared meal around Mrs. Wilkes’ decorated dining table. Next to the appetizing selection of soul food favorites, the familiarity is the appeal of this historic treasure. At Mrs. Wilkes, you can take a comfy seat, pass warm, hearty bowls around the table and share an old-fashioned meal with newfound family.

My dear friend surprised me with a Saturday night dinner reservation this weekend in Savannah! First time there. It was nice to explore the city, even if just for a few hours 💛 #travel #travelgram #latergram #girltime #oldepinkhouse #savannah

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The Olde Pink House 

Nestled beside Reynolds Square in Savannah’s only standing 18th Century mansion, the iconic Olde Pink House is a testament to tradition, history and Southern luxury. Duly, it is an essential stop on your culinary tour through Savannah.

The seasonal menu offers a harmonic balance of sweet and savory flavors with a dish that’s composed just right for you. Coupling comfort cuisine and refined service, The Olde Pink House is one of the few places around the nation where you can enjoy an intimate candlelight dinner in the quiet corridors of a lasting architectural marvel.

•benedicted to you since day 1•🐣#brunchreminiscing

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700 Drayton 

Savannah’s celebrated 700 Drayton is another excellent option for fine dining in a striking mansion. With an artful interior, an extensive wine list and quality culinary offerings, 700 Drayton earns high ratings across the board. Perfect for any meal of the day, 700 Drayton’s diverse menu features innovative takes classic dishes that are sure to satisfy, and the cocktails are remarkable too! Boasting Brazilian walnut floors, Venetian columns and hand-poured glass windows, 700 Drayton’s breathtaking beauty isn’t limited to the plates.

Southern spicy red rice and Savannah shrimp for dinner tonight. #toffsgosouth

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Elizabeth on 37th

A fan favorite for more than three decades, Elizabeth on 37th embodies the quintessential Southern dining experience that’s unique to Savannah. Locally sourced seafood, produce and home-grown flora are the hallmarks of Elizabeth’s Southern coastal cuisine. Savannah’s natural beauty provides a salient backdrop against the turn-of-the-century architecture and the Southern traditional interior décor. A feast for the eyes and a feast for the appetite are commonplace at Elizabeth’s.

headshot2Chantel Baul is a Savannah native with a knack for writing and a passion for food, fun and people. She recently received her BA in English and Professional Communications from Armstrong State University, and when she’s not writing she’s serving in the US Army Reserves as a Human Resources Officer. She loves NPR and is interested in food justice, sustainability, travel and international affairs.

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11 Responses to “5 Savannah Restaurants That Are Worth Traveling For”

  1. Felieca Cordle says:

    I appreciate that Mrs. Wilkes is a perennial staple, especially with the tourists who are looking for real Southern home style cooked food,; but if you’re not looking to hang out with the tourists or are a fine Southern cook yourself, Alligator Soul is the place to go. My husband and I have been going to Savannah for many years, and our meal at Alligator Soul was hands down the best meal we’ve had in the city. We’ll put Grey on our list of places to try for our upcoming trip. Thanks!

  2. Willard Groover says:

    Olympia on River Street is my family’s personal favorite. The Greek foods and associated wines coupled with outstanding service provide an outstanding dining experience.

  3. tom mulherin says:

    A visit to Mrs. Wilkes makes all the other ones a second choice, hell even President Obama was willing to incur the wrath of Michelle when he stopped by for the pork infused goodness of the table full of southern home cooked goodness. NOTE to all: if you are the President of the United States of America you are allowed to cut in line, otherwise you will probably wait between 45 and 90 minutes, Hey the thankless job of POUTS has to have some benefit!

  4. Dee Michaels says:

    I love visiting Savannah, its my most favorite getaway destination. My most favorite place to dine is 17Hundred90 Restaurant. Besides the wonderful food that includes complementary honey biscuits that are to die for and a great assortment of wines/champagne, it has the best ambiance with candlelite and an excellent piano player, playing beautiful classic dinner music. You couldn’t ask for a better night out when you dine at 17Hundred90. IT’S THE BEST IN MY BOOK!

  5. Wanda Brinson says:

    The one that was left out on your list, was The Lady and Sons. The food is some of the southern food you could ever have. Try the crab cake burger. It’s to die for.

  6. Heinz-Juergen Ruhl says:

    I’ll be back to Savannah for the the delicious food I enjoyed in 2015.

  7. Andrea says:

    After two visits there (once for lunch and another time for dinner), I thought The Lady and Sons cuisine was ordinary, at best . It was also very noisy. I prefer The Olde Pink House for food as well as atmosphere.

  8. Mark says:

    I was going to mention Alligator Soul but someone beat me to it – I’ll just jump on the bandwagon then. Just go there. You’ll see. All the platitudes in the world will not do justice to the experience. Just go.

  9. Denise Bell says:

    Alligator Soul is our favorite restaurant in Savannah!! Wonderful atmosphere, excellent service, beautiful food and delicious cocktails and wine are always here and always the same!!!!!

  10. Kenneth E Futch says:

    I would only add Alligator Soul.

  11. Susan Porter says:

    We heartily recommend Alligator Soul. Every mouthful was perfect!

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