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Slow Ride, Take it Easy…

There are tons of unique ways to celebrate a special occasion in Savannah. This year for my birthday, I wanted to do something different. Enter the Savannah Slow Ride. A bicycle, no a QUADricycle built for 16. (Yes really, 16 people!) One driver + 15 passengers pedaling!

I called the reservation number to inquire about availability and details and spoke with Samantha Meier who owns Savannah Slow Ride along with her husband, Keith. Samantha was incredibly enthusiastic and eager to tell me all about the fun that was in store for our group! There were three time options available, a morning, afternoon and an evening. I selected the evening pub crawl ride as I knew it would be a great way to visit some of my favorite bars and restaurants in Savannah with my pals! As most know, Savannah’s liberal drinking laws allow folks to carry their beverage of choice with them so long as it’s in a plastic cup and it was allowed on the Slow Ride.

We were instructed to meet/park at The Crystal Beer Parlor which was bustling with a Saturday night crowd as our group gathered. Several friends were a little skeptical, questioning what I had gotten everyone into. The Slow Ride pulled in to park and a another group (who had most definitely done the pub crawl) got off of the vehicle and were telling us how much fun we were going to have! Everyone climbed on and we were surprised to learn that not everyone has to pedal. There are 4 non-pedaling seats and a bench in the back where 2-3 people can sit comfortably. After signing waivers, getting the ground rules from Keith, our driver, we were off! Keith was even kind enough to let us plug our iPhone into his speaker system. (And yes, we played Foghat’s “Slow Ride”!)

It was a little hard getting into the groove of pedaling, but Keith was very good about telling us when we needed to pedal hard and when we could take it easy. As we crossed Whitaker Street headed towards Bull Street, people all around us would stop and stare. One passenger on a trolley was hanging so far out of his window trying to get a photo, we were afraid he would fall out! Our first stop was Six Pence Pub which was hopping with a lively dinner crowd. Everyone dashed in to grab a quick drink (to go, of course) and we were back on the Slow Ride pedaling up Bull Street towards Jen’s and Friends. Jen told us all about some of her new martinis (including the BLT Martini with Bacon Vodka!)

Back on the Slow Ride we pedaled hard around Johnson Square much to the delight of tourists and locals out in the streets cheering us on. As we approached Ellis Square, there were actually people running up to give us high-fives and take photos. As one of my friends on the ride commented, “We ARE the tourist attraction tonight!” Keith steered us around Franklin Square parking near City Market. This was to be our longer stop on the crawl so we could grab a bite to eat.

Not wasting a moment, our group headed to Vinnie Van GoGo’s, opting to order several slices to go. Vinnie’s is always delicious, quick and easy and there were plenty of benches in City Market so we could eat and chat. This was such a great a spot for the Slow Ride to stop because there are so many pubs and restaurants in the area. We stopped into Molly Macpherson’s, The Rail Pub and then all gathered at SEED Eco Lounge where the bartender indulged our requests to turn up the music and blow the smoke machine so we could dance like teenagers for a minute (it was only 8 p.m.)

By the time we climbed back onto the Slow Ride, we had about an hour left so Keith suggested pedaling up Jefferson Street and making a brief stop at Sugar Daddy’s Wine Bar. We had become quite used to being a spectacle at this point and we were all to thrilled to wave at people along Broughton Street as we pulled into our final stop. Sugar Daddy’s is one of my personal favorites for a glass of wine and I was glad that we were there around dessert time to indulge in a piece of their fantastic cheesecake.

As our evening on the Slow Ride was coming to a close, several in our group had lost momentum so there were a few people having to pedal extra hard to get us home.  We made it back to the Crystal Beer Parlor just as the rain began. What a fun celebration!

‘I’m in the mood, the rhythm is right, Move to the music, we can roll all night.’ Played in the background as we all bid farewell to the Slow Ride.

Some tips:

  • While the Slow Ride doesn’t have a posted dress code, I would advise against wearing flip flops as several people had a hard time keep theirs on while pedaling.
  • Short skirts are a problem, you have to climb up onto the seat which is not easy in a skirt. Getting down off of the seat is even trickier in a skirt.
  • If you are taking a drink along in a plastic cup, drink it about half-way down or share with a friend, when the ride gets going a little bit of spilling happens if you’re not careful!
  • Make sure that some of the members of your group are strong or are in decent athletic shape – it definitely helps.
  • Bring a camera and come prepared for a hilarious and truly unique experience!

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