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Sip To-Go Cocktails at These 7 Savannah Spots

Savannah’s open container law allows adults to sip cocktails in public places within the historic district – as long as it’s in an open, plastic cup. Take your favorite cocktail to-go and sip while you explore! To enjoy your to-go cocktail to the max, we suggest sipping at these seven Savannah spots.


Photo by Larissa Allen of Visit Savannah

1. City Market

City Market is perfect for to-go sippers who love a little action! On the weekends, live bands take over the historic marketplace, providing dance-able tunes ranging from classic rock to modern pop! Grab your favorite cocktail and relax on a shady bench, enjoy the live music or boogie the night away!


Photo by Larissa Allen of Visit Savannah

2. Ellis Square

Ellis Square is great for parents to rest and relax with a cold brew while the kids stay entertained! In the summertime, water shoots up from the ground, creating an extremely fun water play area for kids! Ellis Square has plenty of places to sit, and includes many tables with chairs perfect for meals on the go.


Photo by Larissa Allen of Visit Savannah

3. Broughton Street

Shopping and sipping – can life get any better? Stroll down Broughton Street with a drink in hand while window shopping. Many of Savannah’s choice restaurants are located on Broughton Street. Have a drink while you wait – even if the bar is full! Is the line a little long at Leopold’s? Have a cold one before your cold cone!


Photo by Larissa Allen of Visit Savannah

4. Troup Square

Troup Square is perfect for sippers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle. Quiet and shady, this small, yet gorgeous, square is perfect for reading a good book, having a great conversation with friends or simply being romantic with your significant other. Snuggle up on a cozy bench with to-go cups filled with wine!


Photo by Larissa Allen of Visit Savannah

5. Lafayette Square

Who wouldn’t want a magnificent view while sipping a drink? Take a to-go cocktail to Lafayette Square – the prime viewing spot for the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist aka the ‘Sistine of the South.’ Bonus: weddings occur often at the Cathedral! If you’re lucky, you may be able to witness happy newlyweds while you sip celebratory to-go cup champagne in their honor!


Photo by Larissa Allen of Visit Savannah

6. Factor’s Walk

Break out that selfie stick and raise your to-go cup – Factor’s Walk is perfect for sippers who are looking for a great photo-op! This Savannah spot is rich with history. Learn something new while you sip something refreshing!


Photo by Larissa Allen of Visit Savannah

7. River Street

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention River Street! Sit back and sip while massive container ships move across the Savannah River. Every first Friday of the month, fireworks blaze the sky. Celebrate the excitement with your favorite to-go cocktail in hand.

Where do you like to sip your to-go cocktail in Savannah?


LA1Larissa Allen is Visit Savannah’s social media coordinator. She received her BA in English and Professional Communications from Armstrong State University. Larissa is a Savannah native, and is addicted to watermelon juice from the Forsyth Farmer’s Market.

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  2. Sharon Hodges says:

    Pretty much anywhere is ideal in Savannah. The most serene and scenic would be along River Street, drink in hand, breeze in hair and buzz in head.

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