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The 6 Most Haunted Places In Savannah That You Can Actually Visit

Savannah is widely known as the most haunted city in America. Walk into any historic building or cemetery in Savannah and you may catch sight of ghostly presences surrounding you. Whether you’re a ghost hunter or a lover of ghost stories, you need to visit these Savannah spots to experience some serious paranormal activity.

Hamilton Turner Inn & Trolley

Photo by Casey Jones of Visit Savannah

1. Hamilton-Turner Inn  

This historic inn was made famous by Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Paranormal activities inside the inn include the sounds of children laughing, billiard balls rolling around on the upper floors and sightings of a strange, cigar-smoking man sitting on the roof.

Marshall House

Photo courtesy of the Marshall House

2. The Marshall House 

USA Today named the Marshall House as one of the best haunted hotels in the U.S. Since 1851, this hotel has been used as a hospital three times – once for Union soldiers and twice for 19th century Yellow Fever epidemics. Guests have reported their fair share of paranormal experiences such as seeing ghosts in the hallways, hearing nonexistent children running down the halls and faucets turning on by themselves.

17 Hundred 90 - Casey Jones

Photo by Casey Jones of Visit Savannah

3. 17 Hundred 90 Inn and Restaurant   

The ghost of a woman scorned, a slave cook and a servant boy are said to hang around 17 Hundred 90 Inn and Restaurant, haunting guests and diners alike. While dining at the restaurant, you may hear the cook banging on pots in the kitchen or see a glimpse of a little servant boy. If you stay at the inn, you might spot Anna, one of the most famous ghost-girls in the city who haunts the upstairs guest rooms waiting for the return of her lost love. Learn more about hauntings at 17 Hundred 90 in this video.

Pirate's House

Photo courtesy of the Pirates’ House

4. The Pirates’ House 

Once a saloon and rest stop for seafarers from abroad, The Pirates’ House still stands today as one of Savannah’s most well-known restaurants. However, The Pirates’ House can’t escape its dark past. Many were brutishly shanghaied down in the boarding house basement and forced to serve in the sea. There are many secrets to be discovered at this world famous site – some you’re sure to learn about over dinner. Learn more about hauntings at The Pirates’ House in this video.

Kehoe House 2-1 (1)

Photo by Casey Jones of Visit Savannah

5. Kehoe House 

The Kehoe family consisted of 10 children, and rumor has it that two of them died in the house. Although the rumor is completely unsubstantiated, many guests say they encountered ghost children during their overnight stays. Also, before becoming a beautiful bed and breakfast, the Kehoe House was a funeral home. So is the Kehoe House haunted? We dare you to stay a night and see for yourself!

Moon River Brewing Co

Photo courtesy of Ghosts and Ghouls

6. Moon River Brewing Co. 

This beer house is considered by many to be the most haunted place in Savannah. Many guests have spotted a lady wearing white at the top of the restaurant’s staircase. Ghosts have also been known to throw bottles, breeze by patrons and play tricks on staff members. Guests of Moon River have nothing to worry about as long as they stay away from the basement and upstairs, which are the two most active paranormal spots in the joint. Learn more about hauntings at Moon River Brewing Company in this video.

Have you had a ghostly experience at any of these Savannah spots? Tell us in the comments!


854a8291Larissa Allen is Visit Savannah’s social media coordinator. Larissa is addicted to watermelon juice from the Forsyth Farmers’ Market. Her favorite Savannah spots are mostly in the Starland District. 

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35 Responses to “The 6 Most Haunted Places In Savannah That You Can Actually Visit”

  1. Lori Shapiro says:

    My husband and I were on a carriage ride and I saw an African American women dressed in slave clothing and a white male dressed in vintage apparel in a window at one of the old homes. I commented to the carriage driver about how nice it was that the employees dressed in period clothing. She said there wasn’t anyone in that home/museum. I told her that there is a man and a slave women in the top right hand room. She assured me that they don’t dress in period clothing and that there is no one in the home. Pretty cool. I love Savannah. My favorite place on earth!!

  2. Opal says:

    We stayed at the Marshall House for our anniversary four years ago. I heard footsteps in our room late one night. I thought it was my husband getting up, but he was sound asleep. The next morning we told the valet and he wasn’t the bit surprised. He even added that there was a ghost cat on the top floor that strolls around. Can’t wait to go back!!! We love Savannah and all it has to offer…….worldly and otherwise!

  3. Tammy Martin says:

    One evening at dusk walking past Moon River Brewing on the other side of the street I snapped 2 pics (one right after the other) and in the first picture you can see a little boy wearing suspenders looking out the 2nd floor right window right above the entrance. In the 2nd pic – nothing there.

  4. Marsha tennant says:

    I stayed with friend on E Taylor St. Confederate soldier in attic
    Always appeared when I stayed there.

  5. Joe Whalen says:

    My father had a friend that was an embalmer when the Kehoe House was a funeral home. He lived on the top floor of the mansion. He had a son that was my age and I spent quite a few nights in that house and never was witness to ghosts.

  6. Karen says:

    I’ve had a spirit to run me out of the laurel grove cemetery near the slave graves. Then I captured a picture of a lady in white in colonial cemetery at night. Then while staying at the inn at Ellis square I saw two orbs in my room. I even saw things fly off the wall at the candy store and they said oh that’s just our ghost don’t mind him. ??

    • Angel says:

      Everytime we go to the cemetery any of them here, I get goosebumps. I feel like someone or something is watching me! I won’t go at night anymore!

  7. Karen A says:

    After living in Savannah for the better part of 34 years I returned during the holidays to visit a friend and while we were sitting at the bar at the Marshall House a bat came out of nowhere and started flying around our heads. Creepy.

  8. Verlon Grantham says:

    Me and my Wife were Dining at the 17hundred90 inn and Restaurant, back in February of this year. We were sitting 2 tables up from the table in the back corner which was empty, we were sitting and enjoying each other’s conversation while waiting for our dinner to arrive, when all of a sudden, one of the chairs at the back table was pulled out from the table, and like I said earlier, there was no one sitting at the table. You talk about creepy, we were both freaked out by the ordeal!

  9. Marie says:

    Went to the Blue River Brewing Company with my husband last year.Upon leaving I felt someone touching my shoulder and then my new purse literally fell apart. There was nobody there but I felt a presence. Real creepy.

  10. Michelle Collings says:

    In March of 2012 , my twin sister and I stayed at the 17Hundred90 Inn for a weekend. The morning we were leaving, my sister heard the bathroom door open while she was in the shower and heard me come in the bathroom. Except, I wasn’t in the bathroom! Creepy awesome place! Savannah is the best place to visit in Georgia!!

  11. Tammy says:

    Many years ago friends and I used to frequent visit Bonaventure and Forrest Lawn cemeteries. I was never a believer in ghosts until one evening we were at “the cliffs” (Forrest Lawn)when a very vivid apparition floated from one side of the cliffs over to us and preceded to follow us. No drinking no drugs. Can still see it like it was yesterday.I am a believer now.

  12. Steve S. says:

    This past March we treated friends to dinner at Moon River Brewing Company and, in gentlemanly fashion, I removed my most cherished old tattered Sandfly BBQ cap and set it on the empty chair next to me. When we were leaving it was gone. We searched everywhere but it had literally vanished…

  13. Melody R. says:

    My husband and I stayed at the Marshall House. I had put out my clothes for the next morning, zipped up my bag and went to bed. Morning came and decided to wear something else. I opened my bag and there was a cleaning brush inside it. It wasn’t there when we went to sleep and we had not left the room. I had heard about the little girl that had been seen so I left her a present by the TV before going to bed. I guess she left me a present also.

  14. nikki says:

    A group of friends and I went to the cemetery in Savannah at night and took pics, in one there was a little boy stabding next ta tree so we all freaked out and deleted the picture… next day we are walking to a restaurant and my friend’s Siri comes on and pulls up the address to the cemetery lol

    Mind you, for Siri to find an address or location, you literally had to speak into it. And no one was talking about the cemetery at that time, just food.

  15. Marla says:

    My husband and I went to moon river brewery and its was late. The waitress told us that we could go into the basement and look around. We snapped two photos and the first one had nothing unusual but the 2nd one had a transparent face that was looking out behind 2 barrels….we still have the pic

  16. Lynda Hall Sebo says:

    My husband and I joined long-time friends in Savannah a few years ago (2011) and decided to dine at the 1790 Restaurant; we were seated in the back close to the fireplace and musician. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and were simply relaxing with our arms on the table when the table top suddenly “jerked” to the right! My friend and I looked at each other and the guys chimed in as well- we all felt it. We commented to the musician who called a waiter- the waiter was not surprised; moreover, he told us about a night a wedding party was held in the same area: the waiter was asked to take a picture of the group in front of the fireplace…to everyone’s shock, when they looked at the picture, the fire was in FRONT of the guests.
    Great place to go!!!
    Lynda Hall Sebo

  17. Angel B. Roberts says:

    You forgot “The Gribble House Experience” It was awesome.It was different and unique.You get to use gadgets that ParaNormal Investigators use.Loved it. In the Pirate house, It had several moments where I kept feeling someone was over my shoulder Thinking it was the waiter but no one was there, at that time I did not know it was anything but a great dining place until after when I read an article. Food was GREAT!! Pecan Fried Chicken Fantastic.I saw nor felt nothing at Moon River but it sure was a fun place. I LOVE Savannah!

  18. Colleen M. says:

    Had a wonderful dinner one night last May at the Olde Pink House. Upstairs in one of the backrooms lite by candle light… we had our picture taken after dinner while at our table. Looked at it later, low and behold, in the reflection of the window behind us, a rather creepy face. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

  19. Mike M says:

    My wife and I stayed in “Anna’s Room” at the 1790 Inn once. Didn’t see anything except the fireplace kept flaring up, off, and back on. No missing jewelry or lingerie as in the rumors. Weird feelings all night though!

    We were in the basement of Moon River once and my wife swears she felt a strong poke. It knocked a lime off her glass into the drink. Creepy!

  20. April Captain says:

    My husband and I went to Savannah in 2009 and walked thru one of the cemetaries and I took some pictures with my camera, I than grabbed for my camcorder and it had been turned on while we were walking. Ithad filmed about a half an hour of the graves… It was so cool… Love Savannah and we are coming back this July for a couple days.. Can’t wait !

  21. April Captain says:

    My husband and I went to Savannah in 2009 and walked thru one of the cemetaries and I took some pictures with my camera, I than grabbed for my camcorder and it had been turned on while we were walking. It had filmed about a half an hour of the graves… It was so cool… Love Savannah and we are coming back this July for a couple days.. Can’t wait !

  22. Sharon Hodges says:

    My husband, sister, brother-in-law and I visited Savannah in June 2011. We visited many lovely homes and mansions. We were touring the Julia Gordon Low house with about 6 other folks when this occurred. The docent had just finished speaking her piece while in Julia’s bedroom, I was the last to leave her room and noticed the lamp on her nightstand suddenly turned on! I guess Ms.Low didn’t want me to leave?!?
    We also dined at Moon River Brewery during lunch hours. While we enjoyed our meal, we didn’t experience any “‘visitors” that day.

  23. Joyce K. says:

    I love Savannah and it’s haunted lore just makes it that much more exciting. I have a picture I took last fall at one of the houses with a strange fog above the bed in one of the rooms. Didn’t scare me, just made me wish I’d seen more. Love things that go bump in the night and Savannah is the place they happen most

  24. Evelyn says:

    My husband and I dined at Moon River one night and we were talking to the waitress about ghosts so she took us and another couple upstairs. The woman that went up with us said she felt like the floor was moving. As we walked out into the hallway I felt an electrical charge go through me and all the hair on my arms stood straight up. It was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. On this same trip we were staying at the River Street Inn. Every time my husband went into the bathroom in our room the bathroom door would mysteriously open. He thought I was playing games with him but I never touched the door when he was in there. One night he was waiting for the elevator, he was by himself and the front of the elevator was mirrored. As he was standing there he heard someone walking on the wood floor behind him, he said it sounded like boots, they walked behind him and down the hall. My husband realized that he didn’t see anyone walk past in the mirrored elevator doors he quickly looked down the hallway and it was empty. That was the best trip ever to Savannah!

  25. Anita says:

    My Mom is a Kehoe (maiden name) and I’ve often wondered if we were to stay at the Kehoe House, if I’d have a chance to “visit” with relatives! I live in Indiana, so it’s not so easy to do.

  26. Anissa says:

    Stayed at the 17 hundred 90 Inn In March absolutely beautiful, didn’t see anything but ……about 1am we were awoken with heavy banging on our door from the inside door to the hallway, never heard anyone after but scared the bagivies out of us.

  27. Carol Hanson says:

    I wonder whether the ghost cat only catches ghost mice.

  28. Bruce Sandefur says:

    I have been attacked by spirits many times at the Moon River Brewery. It always seems to be more painful the following morning.

    Bruce (Savannah Native)

  29. Traveoport says:

    Perfect list, I would love to follow every inch of it. I´m a wanderer myself and I could put quite a few check marks to some from these list and still willing to see more and more. So happy travelling to all of us!

  30. LK Scott says:

    Worked on River Street’s ‘Exchange Tavern’, in late 70’s-early TO 80’s. Every night at closing time, we would have more drinks otdered than we had customers. Glasses would fly off the bar and out of glass rack over the bar. Some nights were more active that others, but it is truly freaky to see drinks in glasses sliding down the bar to land in no one’s hand.

  31. Kelley says:

    Please post the pics! I’ve been to Savannah 4 times in the last 2 years and always on a ghost hunt but so far to no vail.

  32. Albert Meara says:

    For our first trip to Savannah, we stayed at The East Bay Inn. We had heard about the resident ghost Charlie.During the wine and cheese reception,we mentioned him to another couple.They were not believers in ghosts,but we felt that he was real.Upon returning to our room ,we found our room safe wide open, despite having secured it. They say Charlie is a playful ghost and he played one on us

  33. LB says:

    A friend and I stayed at the East Bay Inn last week. We stayed in room 325 which is the room Charlie the resident ghost is known to favor. The first night, my friend swore she heard the room key fall off the chest of drawers in the entryway and bounce off the wood floor. The next morning we returned from breakfast downstairs, and that chest of drawers – which was centered directly under a mirror – had moved about a foot and a half to the right. Housekeeping had not been in the room. Charlie is known to move things around, so we figured it was him.

  34. Chelsea says:

    I’ve never tried so hard to see something in my life. Lol. I took so many pics and videos and not a thing 😔 I’m disappointed. I thought seeing the cemetery at night would be perfect and so many pics and videos later, nothing. Going to the sorrel weed house tomorrow. Hoping to get SOMETHING 😔

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