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How to Select a Ghost Tour in Savannah

As Written by Chase Anderson of Savannah Ghost Walks

Can’t decide which of the many different Savannah ghost tours to take? This updated series on Ghost tours in Savannah explores what to look for in selecting the best Savannah ghost tours  — for you and yours.

Chase Anderson leads a Ghost Walk through the haunted streets of Savannah

Chase Anderson leads a Ghost Walk through the haunted streets of Savannah

If its your first time on a ghost tour or even your tenth, its sometimes good to just stretch yourself, throw caution to the wind, and enjoy whatever happens. After all, you’re on vacation, right? Why should you have to think too hard about what ghost tour to go on? But time is a precious commodity and there are lots of options to choose from in touring haunted Savannah: some ghost tours in Savannah explore Savannah’s haunted history. Other ghost tours focus on Savannah ghost stories. Some offer paranormal “evidence.” Some of the best Savannah ghost tours offer most or all of the above and even a variety of tours to choose from.

“Which tour and guide is best for me, my friends, my family” you may ask? Good question — because when it comes to the best ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia – one size does not fit all – no matter how many different tour offerings an individual company has. Start by asking yourself this very important question: “What am I looking for in a ghost tour?” Equally important — “what kind of tour guide am I looking for?” “Do I know?”  “Does it matter?”  If you haven’t decided before you get to Savannah – “no problem,” you say. “I’ll just decide after I get there.”

Finding the Best Savannah Ghost Tour Guide
Savannah has a handful of great ghost tour guides and a collection of good ones. But they don’t all work for the same company. Go with several Ghost tour companies If you have the time while you visit Savannah. I personally know and recommend some of the Guides working for my colleague “competitors.” In alphabetical order, those companies are:  Blue Orb ToursCobblestone ToursGhost City ToursHaunted Savannah ToursSee Savannah Tours, and last but not least, Sixth Sense Tours.Most of the Guides I recommend are the actual owners of these companies and several of them have written engaging, well researched books on paranormal. I can’t speak for any one of them, of course, or any of the hotel concierges in Savannah but if you contact me and I feel you are seeking a different kind of tour than our own Savannah Ghost Walks then I’ll recommend one or more of the above companies.  And I’ll encourage you to ask who the Guide is that will be leading your tour. All of these companies have good to excellent track records. All of them have some good Guides. Some of them have great Guides.

A group enjoys one of Savannah Ghost Walks' tours. Source: TripAdvisor

A group enjoys one of Savannah Ghost Walks’ tours. Source: TripAdvisor

We’ll give you some tips for finding out more about your all important Guide in Part Two.Then there are haunted pub crawls in Savannah which, as the name implies, go in and out of Savannah’s haunted pubs – most of them emphasize drinking first and ghost stories second. But there are a few really good haunted pub tour guides who also rank near the top of the list for Savannah’s best ghost tour guides. Just depends on whether you’re interested in drinking at each stop! No one’s judging. In Part Two we’ll explore how to navigate through the myriad of Google search results for the key search phrases you type in while looking for the best Savannah Ghost tours. I’m dead serious.

Chase Anderson is a Savannah, native, folklorist, and purveyor of the sublime and the hilarious. Connect with Chase here and learn more about his tours and catch Part Two of this Blog.

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    Hi Chase
    Would you please add my Ghostwalker Tour to your recommended list of ghost tours on your blog.
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    Patrick McDonald

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